Our History

Sarah Howe - Founder, Tringa Digital

Hello! I’m Sarah Howe MCIM,  the founder of Tringa Digital – a digital marketing consultancy service dedicated to helping you achieve your business goals.

Before starting Tringa Digital, I worked for over 12 years as a Digital Marketing Manager for UK-based companies with eight-figure turnovers. I developed and implemented their digital strategies and delivered clear growth and return on marketing investment.

Tringa Digital was born from a desire to help businesses build their online presence and transform their marketing activities. In an increasingly digital world, businesses that think digital-first always have the advantage over their competition.

We have designed and executed successful marketing campaigns and managed digital assets across many industries including engineering and manufacturing, house building, construction, property management, forestry and nature conservation, retail, leisure and tourism, professional services, alcoholic beverages and hospitality.

Our Values

We pride ourselves on honesty and integrity.

If you have a budget in mind, we’ll never try to convince you to spend more than you want to.

If you wish to manage your own digital marketing, we’re happy to guide and support you to help you do just that.

Just want a second opinion on your next campaign or marketing strategy – we can do that too!

Our Ethos

At Tringa Digital, we respect our natural world and actively try to reduce our impact on the environment as a business. We pride ourselves on running a carbon neutral business using green energy sources, electric vehicles and self-generated solar power.

Whenever possible, we hold our client meetings over the telephone or via a virtual meeting service, such as Microsoft Teams, Zoom or Google Meet. This reduces the need for multiple car journeys for clients and ourselves, reducing our combined carbon footprint.